Helios Capabilities

A comprehensive approach tailored to your needs

Our team can support the full range of clinical trial needs, from feasibility studies and site selection, to training and patient engagement.

Helios is a fully integrated clinical site network that leverages central support to deliver quality data within our research clinics.  From feasibility process to signing a single contract to access all Helios sites, our central team focuses on efficient processes to help save you time throughout the study timeline.


Committed to quality


Focused on Phase II-IV trials


Multi-speciality & multi-regional focus


Accelerating innovation in drug development

Integrated Site Operations

  • Project Management
  • Business Development
  • Protocol Feasibility
  • Finance & Contracts
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Patient Engagement
  • Training & Quality Assurance
  • Innovation & Technology

Once your study is initiated, our local site team supports each Principal Investigator and the supportive Sub-Investigators, with the skills and knowledge needed to engage patients and deliver your study in a timely manner.  Our sites are equipped with the necessary equipment and access to local services (if needed) to support various protocol logistics necessary to collect all relevant data.

Each Principal Investigator is supported by a highly skilled, experienced Helios clinical team:

  • Lead coordinator
  • Phlebotomists
  • Laboratory personnel
  • Recruitment specialists
  • Pharmacists 

On-site capabilities:

Ample space

Dedicated to research including exam rooms, monitor's space, storage

Labs & Pharmacies

Including PBMCs and Biosafety Level/IBC management

IT Infrastructure

Clinical teams collaborate via CTMS for subject management and e-reg solutions providing remote CRA visits

Cold storage space

24/7 temp monitoring with alarms. All sites have backup generator or power failure plan


Access to resources for local imaging and other specialty services