Still coughing months after COVID?

You Might Be Experiencing Long Covid.

Ever felt that despite recovering from Covid-19, something just doesn’t feel right? You’re not alone. Many are facing what’s known as ‘Long Covid’. If you’re aged 22 or older and are curious about those lingering symptoms, Helios Clinical Research invites you to participate in our Long Covid study. Together, we can seek answers, understand this condition better, and find potential solutions.

About Helios Clinical

We understand time is precious. The Helios site network is dedicated to increasing access to clinical trials at the community level. 

Study Requirements

You may qualify if you:

  • Are 22 years of age or older
  • Previously tested positive for COVID
  • Have continued symptoms, despite a current negative test

Potential Benefits

  • Access to cutting-edge medical research
  • Laboratory tests often not covered by insurance
  • ¬†Compensation for study-related time and travel